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A lesson in falsifiability from mirror neurons and the language instinct theory

Old School Script

By Kris (with a “K”)

I just finished listening to a podcast called “What do Mirror Neurons Actually Do?” on the Brain Science Podcast. In the podcast, Dr. Campbell interviews Dr. Hickok who recently wrote a book called The Myth of Mirror Neurons. Aside from the fascinating content, one of the most interesting take-aways was the lesson Dr. Hickok learned when doing his research: Don’t blindly trust popular opinion!

Of course popular thought is not always wrong—though my first Hebrew teacher did use to say “The majority was always wrong in the Old Testament”—but some/oftentimes it needs to be challenged. Dr. Hickok discovered this firsthand when he realized mirror neuron research had been using an invalidated framework from a different (but related) field of study.

He noted that the consensus view seemed, at first glance, the most plausible option for explaining the function of mirror neurons. But just as quick, he…

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The Politics of the Imperfect: Building A Different World

James Luchte: Philosophy

The Politics of the Imperfect

On Global Politics: Building a Different World

Concrete Needs, Concrete Situations and Concrete Actions

James Luchte

Untitled, Chinese painter, unknown.

The Global Context and Poly-Centric Perspectives – Taking Sides

I am speaking of global governance as a complex organisation which cannot be merely wished away. Getting from A to Z when you are at H requires that one go to I, J, and K, before X, Y, and Z. There have been movements to build a world government before, but that cannot even be an issue until America is reigned in – we are at a more preliminary phase of history, where even a weak institutional world federation would be a mammoth step forward in a world which cannot even have an effective United Nations. If we jump too far ahead in our thinking, we will become merely talkers and not actors of real history. We need to deal…

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Noam Chomsky and Newsnight – The Systematic Suppression of Radical Ideas

Aspidistra Politics

Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without the need for any official ban

This quote is taken from a George Orwell essay about literary censorship in the U.K and was supposed to be the preface for Animal Farm, instead it was censored – and thus the work of art is completed. Earlier in the week on the BBC current affairs programme Newsnight – you may be aware of it – there was a segment dedicated to an interview with the radical thinker Noam Chomsky. Any time someone with radical ideas appears on the BBC – and it’s not so often – you are made acutely aware of what Orwell meant and it just so happens that our special guest himself has developed these ideas in great detail throughout his career.

In the documentary film ‘Manufacturing Consent’, Noam Chomsky points out how the need for concision in television news…

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The Quiet Details of Our Lives

Belle of the Carnival

Each of us has our own ideas of what success is and how we plan on reaching for our own set of stars in this vast universe.  It is in striving to reach  those goals that we must pay attention to the quiet details which add small pieces to the puzzle of our life.

Beauty is in the (2)

If we expect great things to happen without paying attention to any of the details then how do we reach our goals?

It is appreciating the quiet details in our lives that build us up to reach our goals whether it be finishing a novel or striving to run your first marathon. It is these humming details that keep us inspired and moving each day to achieve our dreams.

I overheard someone talking in my local coffee shop that it is “a bore to talk about the little things.”  *eye roll*

I believe there is so…

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Plastic women and fake smiles

Mindspace Intuition

Okay, so its time to lay this out there. Many women i have helped or counselled over the years complain that there is nobody they can trust, that the women they should be able to turn to are in fact the same ones selling them down the river.

It seems that between money and make-up, there’s a whole lot of flakey, hypocritical wanna-be’s out there who hide between double standards; they appear quite spiritual in their own faith, (at least on the outside) and yet are very, very quick to apply a completely different set of rules to themselves from those they apply to everyone else. Money doesn’t make someone bad, but when money and appearances override everything that’s wholesome, becoming an excuse for permissiveness or downright cruelty, then that’s a problem.

It never ceases to amaze me that these “immaculate” women who supposedly epitomise their culture (whatever that may…

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The Limits of Memory

You have insufficient memory. Deadpan.  As if no irony were involved, my computer informed me it had aborted the task of uploading digital pictures. I don’t ask that much of my computer, but there you have it. I had amassed more than 1300 photos on my wee camera.  Too many pictures, with nowhere to go. […]