Plastic women and fake smiles

Mindspace Intuition

Okay, so its time to lay this out there. Many women i have helped or counselled over the years complain that there is nobody they can trust, that the women they should be able to turn to are in fact the same ones selling them down the river.

It seems that between money and make-up, there’s a whole lot of flakey, hypocritical wanna-be’s out there who hide between double standards; they appear quite spiritual in their own faith, (at least on the outside) and yet are very, very quick to apply a completely different set of rules to themselves from those they apply to everyone else. Money doesn’t make someone bad, but when money and appearances override everything that’s wholesome, becoming an excuse for permissiveness or downright cruelty, then that’s a problem.

It never ceases to amaze me that these “immaculate” women who supposedly epitomise their culture (whatever that may…

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