Nurse Careers: Two Paths. Pick Well

Psych Circus

I teach students and new nurses.
One of my favorite lessons, because it’s crucially important:

There are two career paths you can follow as a nurse. Just two. Let me explain:

On the good path, you learn how to get along with people and persuade them better and better, and you enjoy your job more each day, because your positive influence brings out the best in everyone around you and makes your work far easier and enjoyable.

On the bad path, you don’t learn those good path skills; instead you learn to hate your patients, your life, your work, and anyone who feels differently (e.g. students and newbies). You eat nurses’ young, and try your best to make all around you just as jaded and miserable as you. It only gets worse with time: every shift and every year. It’s arguably a form of hell on earth. Real or metaphor…

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