10 Signs Your Cat Owns You (And Not The Other Way Around)

Thought Catalog


If asked why cats make good pets, most people will cite their independence as a selling point. Cats are considerably less work than dogs, being as they don’t need to be let outside multiple times a day, and are pretty self-sufficient. Cats, like people, are full of emotional highs and lows. Sometimes they want to snuggle; sometimes they want you to get the hell away from them. That’s cool, us humans are like that too. 

However, there’s one thing people never tell you about adopting a cat, and that’s the simple fact that your household will soon be run by a small furry beast. That cat will wear the pants. You might as well build him a throne made out of scratching-post material, because this kitty will ultimately be your reigning leader.

Here are ten signs that you have become one of your cat’s minions:

1. Your cat…

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