Preventing Nurse Fatigue to Keep Patients Safe: Guest Post by Joan Spitrey

Caring For The Caregiver offered by Phyllis Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC

Preventing nurse fatigue to keep our patients safe

Joan SpitreyMonday, December 01, 2014

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Preventing nurse fatigue to keep our patients safe

With the holiday season upon us, it is not unusual to feel the stress of this busy time of year. Our schedules become filled with fun times with family and friends, but our own health often gets neglected.

However, as healthcare providers, we have a responsibility to our patients. They rely on us to have sharp minds and quick responses to their ever-changing needs. They need us to keep them safe. Therefore, it is imperative for nurses to take measures to prevent fatigue.

In many high-risk professions, time on the job is limited in order to ensure proper rest. This in turns keeps the professional alert and sharp when making decisions that can impact others lives and safety. Some professions with work/rest limitations are truck drivers, pilots and even physicians. However, there are…

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