I… Like Taylor Swift Now And I Feel Confused About It

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Taylor Swift / Blank SpaceTaylor Swift / Blank Space

I thought it was all over when I saw Taylor Swift dancing to the song “Cruise” at the CMT Awards in 2013. As Florida Georgia Line performed their huge hit, some attendee on the opposite side of the venue filmed Taylor dancing for the entire performance and uploaded it to YouTube. The dancing was so uncomfortable that I actually believe it was the first time that I literally could not even.

I sat there with my hand over my mouth in disbelief. Watching her reminded me of myself at every middle school dance – dancing alone, looking awkward, and just being overall cringeworthy. It’s not as if my dancing has improved since then, it’s just that I’m now aware of how awkward I look when I attempt to move rhythmically, so I’ve refrained from doing it unless I’ve ingested a bag of wine.

Taylor, on…

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21 Grandma Things Girls Secretly Want To Do All The Time

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1. Wear a blanket constantly

Looking cute and cozy and endearing, as opposed to wayward and depressed.

2. Always have your hair blown out impeccably

Or in a shower cap or under a scarf for no one elses eyes—there is no in between.

3. Say “oh, honey”

It is a straight up art to “oh, honey” someone and not come off like a condescending evil step mom from the south—it is a grown grandmama art.

4. Judge everyone and everything under your breath

And have everyone make excuses for you and/or heed your wisdom like you’re grandmother willow herself.

5. Not know how to use a smart phone

Because wouldn’t it be great to delete GroupMe and only know the things you need to know about people, instead of everything that everyone at their place of employment has ever said to them?

6. Forget everyone’s name and call them…

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10 Signs Your Cat Owns You (And Not The Other Way Around)

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If asked why cats make good pets, most people will cite their independence as a selling point. Cats are considerably less work than dogs, being as they don’t need to be let outside multiple times a day, and are pretty self-sufficient. Cats, like people, are full of emotional highs and lows. Sometimes they want to snuggle; sometimes they want you to get the hell away from them. That’s cool, us humans are like that too. 

However, there’s one thing people never tell you about adopting a cat, and that’s the simple fact that your household will soon be run by a small furry beast. That cat will wear the pants. You might as well build him a throne made out of scratching-post material, because this kitty will ultimately be your reigning leader.

Here are ten signs that you have become one of your cat’s minions:

1. Your cat…

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Preventing Nurse Fatigue to Keep Patients Safe: Guest Post by Joan Spitrey

Caring For The Caregiver offered by Phyllis Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC

Preventing nurse fatigue to keep our patients safe

Joan SpitreyMonday, December 01, 2014

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Preventing nurse fatigue to keep our patients safe

With the holiday season upon us, it is not unusual to feel the stress of this busy time of year. Our schedules become filled with fun times with family and friends, but our own health often gets neglected.

However, as healthcare providers, we have a responsibility to our patients. They rely on us to have sharp minds and quick responses to their ever-changing needs. They need us to keep them safe. Therefore, it is imperative for nurses to take measures to prevent fatigue.

In many high-risk professions, time on the job is limited in order to ensure proper rest. This in turns keeps the professional alert and sharp when making decisions that can impact others lives and safety. Some professions with work/rest limitations are truck drivers, pilots and even physicians. However, there are…

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Assisted Dying Bill: I want to be able to decide about my own death – I want to have control of my life – by Virginia Ironside


My mother had always made me promise I would make sure that, if she was terminally ill, she would be snuffed out “like a candle”. She didn’t want to remain guttering till the end. But even in the good old days, when doctors were far more free with the morphine jabs, it was still difficult to get her wishes fulfilled. After another setback in her treatment – my mother had cancer and was talking gibberish most of the time, except when she had a blood transfusion when she’d beg me to get the doctors to end it all – the doctor in charge called me into his consulting room. “Nothing to worry about!” he said breezily. “We’ll have her up and going to the opera and playing tennis in no time at all!”

As any idea of exercise was anathema to my mother, who had twice tried to commit suicide during…

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